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Christopher Lusby, Esq.

From a young age, Attorney Christopher Lusby set the goal to make a difference. Because of this objective and his advantageous background as a business owner, law enforcement officer, and lawyer, he felt led to establish Lusby Law which provides affordable, personalized legal services to Edgecombe, North Carolina and neighboring areas. Lusby Law aims to improve clients’ lives through their expertise of the legal system and beneficial skill sets.

When Do You Need A Family Lawyer?

Clients seek family law to create solutions when issues arise among family members, romantically-involved individuals, parents, and those with personal relationships.

You might seek a family law matters attorney for assistance with the following:

  • Contested and high-asset divorce;
  • Child custody and visitation, and parental rights;
  • Child support and spousal support;
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and property;
  • Post-judgment modifications and enforcement;
  • Prenuptial and separation agreements;
  • Domestic violence and orders for protection;
  • Paternity issues for unmarried parents;
  • And more!

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What Are The Most Common Family Law Cases That Lusby Law Handles?

Lusby Law is equipped to service any family law area. Our firm most commonly helps clients seeking divorce, child support, and domestic violence lawyers.

Divorce Lawyer Services

Unfortunately, divorces are complex and depend on the cooperation of parties who are often unable to communicate effectively.

An experienced attorney can provide supports that alleviate the stresses of the divorce process, including:

Child Support Lawyer Services

Child support and visitation decisions are often made during the divorce process; however, that is not always the case. Child support attorneys work with any individuals who need help obtaining or defending their child support, custody, or visitation. Your legal representation can give you the best chance of achieving the goals you have set for your family.

A tenured attorney will understand how delicate cases involving children are and will work to understand every relevant detail to plan a course of action and best represent you. In addition, reliable communication from your family law attorney will minimize the distress that often accompanies legal disputes.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Services

Domestic violence attorneys work with clients and families who have endured sexual and physical assault, emotional abuse, child abuse, and child endangerment.

In Edgecombe, North Carolina, two types of domestic violence protective orders are issued: temporary protective orders and 50-B domestic violence protective orders. To be granted a protective order, a judge must determine that you have a personal relationship with the abuser and have suffered an act of domestic violence. Temporary protective orders can be used if a judge believes you or your children are in serious and immediate danger. It serves as protection until your full court hearing.

At Lusby Law, we work to show the courts why our clients who are victims of domestic violence need protective orders. Petitioning for protective orders is often the first step toward security for our clients and their loved ones. Violations of these orders can result in criminal charges for the aggressor.

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Why Is Lusby Law The Ideal Firm For Family Legal Matters In Edgecombe, North Carolina?

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