“Amazing!! My attorney was wonderful and intelligent, treated me very well.”– J.H.

“My attorney, Chris Lusby, and his whole office has done nothing but treated my family and I with the utmost respect. Based on the results of the ongoing case, Chris has done a great job and we are extremely satisfied with his judgment and decision making. I would refer anyone to the Lusby Law Office. This office has made my family and I feel like we were more than just a client. We feel like they’re our extended family. Some people have to understand that not all cases are open and shut cases. Some cases take time to build and grow stronger for you to eventually get the results you want. Our case was very complexed and it had been going on for about 6 years. Throughout l, the Lusby Law office remained consistent and stood by us every step of the way. We are extremely happy with the results so far.”– J.S.

“Everything went smoothly. I would advise everything went really well and it was the outcome we had hoped for.”– D.S.

“I not only recommend Chris but I guarantee once you have used his services you too will look no further. He has represented me with a speeding ticket and handles the majority of my real estate transactions. He responds in an extremely timely matter, he is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. Simply… The Best!”– D.S.

“Lusby Law is the cure for Neighbor-Induced Anxiety. My attorney was able to use the evidence at hand to exonerate me and did so with easy confidence. The additional presence of the paralegal was also helpful, adding a level of professionalism and showing that I had a legal TEAM! I have already recommended Lusby Law to several people based on my experiences. I tell them the team is very down-to-Earth and professional and can even show them since I have a photo of Chris Lusby crouching with one of my animals he defended against the false accusations of a crazy neighbor!”– P.K.

“Definitely recommend!”– A.S.

“I was represented by Chris and his paralegal Louis. I was treated like family and kept up to date on everything! I hate I had to seek an attorney for my situation, but I felt like I made the right choice by choosing Lusby Law. The lawyer and the paralegal are knowledgeable and they guided me through the whole experience.”– A.J.

“Excellent”– A.P.

“Very well, receptive, knowledgeable, professional and kind. I was treated with the utmost respect and he certainly kept me up to date. I am confident that I made the best decision by hiring Mr. Lusby to represent me. Mr. Lusby will fight for as hard as he can. With that being said he will guide you through the tough processes and paperwork associated with any and all legal actions at this day in ago.”– D.L.

“Mr. Lusby was incredibly respectful and replied in a respectful amount of time to my numerous emails. He laid out everything that would happen in the beginning which made me more comfortable. I am glad I picked Mr. Lusby. He went above and beyond to ensure my needs were covered.”– M.L.

“Very respectful, great decision in hiring Mr. Lusby. Great family law attorney.”– J.J.

“My attorney treated me well. I was made aware of things concerning my case. I would definitely recommend this law firm. Overall 5 stars.”– A.T.

“Chris Lusby & staff treated my 8 year old son at the time, and myself with the utmost respect & compassion during our time of need. Integrity was key! After my 1st visit with Mr. Lusby, I was confident that the work which needed to be done would provide us with fair/favorable outcomes in both our divorce and child custody cases. Our family issues took place during the height of the COVID pandemic. With all things considered, both cases were resolved in an expeditious manner. I’m highly too pleased and thankful for the Lusby law firm to this day. My 11 year old son is too!”– R.H.

“Wonderful, good people.”– T.E.

“At the beginning of my divorce process I was working with another attorney in the middle of the process the first attorney had to scale back due to scheduling problems . I contacted Mr. Lusby’s office they promptly returned my call and even reached out to me to remind me of my appointment. I have been worked with Mr Lusby for about 6 weeks with a wonderful outcome in my favor . My last conversation with Mr. Lusby I applauded his great work and l assured him that he would definitely be my choice for any legal advice in the future. Great folks , very knowledgeable, accommodating, and super friendly. Thanks Lusby Law!”– C.B.

“Mr. Christopher Lusby and his Law firm did an excellent job on my driving case. They handle it with great professionalism. As many times as I called or email them, they responded back very quickly. I was an out of state client which put me at ease since i didn’t have to appear in court. Mr. Lusby handle it all. Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Lusby along with the rest of the Law Firm for a fantastic job.”– F.D.

“Outstanding service. People who actually listen to you and care for your issues or situation(s) at hand. I was referred to this firm and was a bit skeptical however I’m so glad I pursued this because I was shaking and depressed, couldn’t function nor breathe due to my particular legal situation but after my visit and seen how professional they are was amazing to see that there’s still attorneys who care and are professional. Thanks Y’all for everything.”– G.T.

“Mr.Lusby is very professional and he knows how to respond to certain situations very quickly with the best way he knows how. He gives other options for the situation and how it can be worked around. He listens and gives you the way he feels is best for you.”– S.G.

“Mr. Lusby is very professional and responds quickly if you have any questions about your case. One of the best lawyers out there!”– J.S.

“Used Lusby Law for a real estate closing, it was quick and easy, not to mention very reasonable! Professional and nice!”– K.N.

“He got the job done. Always answered the phone/emails and very fair price. Definitely recommend.”– B.E.

“Chris is very through and knowledgeable and does a great job at keeping his client informed.”– V.W.

“A family oriented lawyer that you can trust! Great prices for the quality of legal services.”– A.T.

“Good Attorney with Christian vlaues. I highly recomend.”– D.H.

“Great place.”– C.S.

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