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Christopher Lusby, Esq.

The world is changing, and with it, a new kind of law firm will be needed to keep up with it. You won’t find that attitude in a major city, where the lawyers in downtown skyscrapers think they ARE the law. No: this bold law firm with the equally bold mission statement is located in Wilson, North Carolina.

We are the attorneys of Lusby Law P.A. We apply experiences beyond law school to resolve complex legal problems for our clients, both individuals, and business owners and operators. Our founder, Chris Lusby, has been a business owner and a law enforcement officer. Our understanding of issues beyond the classroom means our clients benefit from a unique and versatile range of life experiences. Backed by years of legal practice and life experience, we have successfully advised and represented clients who have needed serious legal help in diverse legal matters including:

Lusby Law P.A. – Changing What You Think A Lawyer Should Be

Since opening Lusby Law P.A., we have always worked toward making a positive difference. Whenever possible, we work to make important contributions to people’s lives, every day, by patiently guiding and advising them at every stage of the legal process. First, we listen; to learn from you. After I understand the scope of your legal needs, we work with you to provide effective legal counsel and aggressive advocacy to protect your rights and meet your goals.

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