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The practice of family law promotes lasting solutions to problems that arise for one or more relatives, fiancé€s, children of troubled relationships, and divorcing spouses, just to name a few. Does a disagreement between you and a family member have legal ramifications? Are you desperate for help from an experienced family lawyer?

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The North Carolina law firm that puts your legal objectives and family’s future first is Lusby Law P.A. Our versatile attorneys possess a wealth of legal knowledge, a talent for positive outcomes by mediation and negotiations, and a tradition of personal service. They listen intently as you express your situation, wishes, and goals, and explain every available legal option. Whether you are divorcing, modifying a settlement agreement, or planning to relocate with a child outside the state, our firm — Lusby Law P.A. — is on your side every step of the way.

Focus On Your Family

A New Kind Of Family Law Firm In Wilson, North Carolina

As a legal practice focused on integrity, compassion, and community, we are proud to serve individuals and families in Wilson, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. We handle a broad range of legal issues affecting spouses, siblings, stepparents, and grandparents, among others, such as:

  • Contested and high-asset divorce
  • Child custody and visitation, and parental rights
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and property
  • Post-judgment modifications and enforcements
  • Prenuptial and separation agreements
  • Domestic violence and orders for protection
  • Paternity issues for unmarried parents

It’s important to have someone on your side to guide you through these emotional milestones. Reach out today for skilled counsel focused on compassion and concern for every single client.

Why Hire An Attorney For A Family Issue?

Complex family issues such as divorce, property distribution, and child custody have a tremendous impact on the future of your family. Family matters a great deal to us here at Lusby Law, and so we don’t hesitate to tell you that when your future is on the line, don’t take any chances. Don’t hesitate. Your family, your children, and your future matter too much to leave the situation to chance. This is why, for all of us at Lusby Law, problem-solving in a family law context is a team effort. We routinely join forces with mental health professionals, counselors, financial analysts, forensic accountants, and investigators to deliver results that are positive and proactive, tailored to clients’ goals for the future. Our experienced family lawyers will find ways to simplify the complicated legal process for you and your loved ones so that you can return to focusing on what matters most.

Here at Lusby Law, our attorneys are trying to change the way the term ‘lawyer’ is defined. We are completely invested, personally and professionally, in your prospects for a normal life after a domestic crisis. This is because we understand a core truth: everyone deserves a chance to find joy through family and live the kind of life they know they deserve.

Family Attorneys Serving Wilson, North Carolina

Sit down and chat with one of our attorneys in an initial consultation; make your appointment by calling or using the contact form. We proudly serve individuals and families in Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, and North Carolina, with quality service at an affordable rate. We are on your side during this difficult time as we strive to put your family first.

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