Every Legal
Problem Is Personal

We Never Forget That People Are At The Heart Of The Law

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A New Legal World Needs A New Legal Approach

No legal problems should ever receive the same old solution. Lusby Law P.A. is committed to the principle that the foundation of the law is people. No two legal problems have ever been the same because no two people have ever been the same.

When you need a lawyer, you deserve to know that your legal matter will receive a specific, individualized strategy to work toward the solution that is right for you.

Dedicated To Personalized Service.

As dedicated attorneys, we are passionate about helping people and making a difference in the lives of individuals and the success of business owners we serve. We are proud of the respect Lusby Law P.A. has earned over the years, as we remain committed to working toward the best possible legal outcome – for every client, in every area of our practice. 

Providing The Help You Need When You Need It Most.

Committed To Making A Positive Difference

Lusby Law P.A. has always worked toward making a positive difference – in our profession, in our personal relationships, in our community. Every positive outcome starts by listening. So let’s start by telling us about your legal situation. Contact our offices in Wilson to schedule an opportunity to sit down together to discuss ways we can start working toward the best possible outcome.

What Our Clients Say

“Mr. Christopher Lusby and his Law firm did an excellent job on my driving case. They handle it with great professionalism. As many times as I called or email them, they responded back very quickly. I was an out of state client which put me at ease since i didn’t have to appear in court. Mr. Lusby handle it all. Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Lusby along with the rest of the Law Firm for a fantastic job.”

“Outstanding service. People who actually listen to you and care for your issues or situation(s) at hand. I was referred to this firm and was a bit skeptical however I’m so glad I pursued this because I was shaking and depressed, couldn’t function nor breathe due to my particular legal situation but after my visit and seen how professional they are was amazing to see that there’s still attorneys who care and are professional. Thanks Y’all for everything.”

“A family oriented lawyer that you can trust! Great prices for the quality of legal services.”

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