The Best Way To Handle Traffic Violations In Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Worried about a traffic ticket or violation in Rocky Mount, North Carolina? Who better to hire for your defense than an attorney you used to be on the force?

If you drive on any of Rocky Mount’s roads, chances are you’ve received or will someday receive one kind of traffic violation citation or another. While most might not seem serious enough to involve an attorney, that is exactly what former police officer and current defense attorney Christopher Lusby recommends doing after receiving a traffic ticket or violation.

Having risen as far as detective in law enforcement, Christopher Lusby is more than familiar with law enforcement procedures and strategies, as well as the unexpected potential consequences of simply paying low-level traffic ticket fines and moving on.

So whether you face a citation for a more serious traffic violation, get fined merely for speeding along Church Street, or receive a ticket for an illegal lane change on I-95, the next time you get a traffic violation, contact attorney Christopher Lusby to understand your rights and options.

Why Paying Your Traffic Ticket Might Not Be The Best Way To Handle A Traffic Violation Charge

While some serious “criminal” behavior on roadways can be considered a misdemeanor or even a felony in rare and dangerous cases, most North Carolinians will never face worse than a traffic violation.

These citations and charges may seem inconsequential, even routine, as the police make them easy enough to handle. All you have to do is pay your fine and move on…right? Unfortunately, what the police fail to mention is that there can be unforeseen consequences further down the road.

Unfortunately, even a single traffic violation against your name can impact your life directly. Insurance companies, for example, may use it as an excuse to raise your premiums. A second or third traffic or violation within even the span of a few years, however, can have a far greater impact. The police might not tell you, but paying that ticket could be signing away your driver’s license to a suspension!

And if they are so keen to get you to sign, take responsibility, and move on, it is because law enforcement knows just how easily a good lawyer can see that you face far lower consequences for the traffic violation, if any at all.

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Rocky Mount Traffic Violation Attorney Shares What Police Do Not Want You To Know

Traffic Violation Attorney Rocky Mount North Carolina

Traffic violations, especially for tickets like speeding, actually represent a significant chunk of revenue for the police, and while quotas and profiling are frowned on nowadays, there is no way to know if a cop’s reasons are legitimate for pulling you over to give you a ticket.

One thing is certain, however: the ticket needs not be accepted as fact, not with the help of an experienced traffic violation defense attorney.

Contesting A Rocky Mount Traffic Ticket Or Citation

Just because an officer hands you a ticket does not mean you need to accept it as fact. There are a surprisingly large number of common mistakes made by police officers every day during or before traffic stops. These can be used by an experienced attorney to undermine the ticket, negotiate a reduction in punishment or charge, and ensure a better outcome for you.

Former police officer Christopher Lusby is perfectly positioned to understand this all too well. Not every mistake is unintentional either; Lusby left law enforcement and chose to take up the defense of North Carolinians' rights as a lawyer in no small part because of injustices and unfairness witnessed on the force.

Even when contesting is not possible, an attorney offers both convenience and cost savings when compared with dealing with a traffic ticket on your own.

Hiring A Rocky Mount Traffic Ticket Attorney Saves You Time And Money

Even if you are not interested or able to contest the traffic ticket, having an attorney on your side can offer some significant advantages, especially for out-of-state residents.

Given the importance of I-95 and the other highways that run through Rocky Mount, many of the tickets handed out by local police and law enforcement end up going to drivers from other counties or, worse, other states.

Dealing with a traffic ticket and citation is annoying and stressful enough when you live a block away from the courthouse; it can be downright complicated and risky to try and handle one from out of state without the help of an attorney.

A traffic ticket defense lawyer like Christopher Lusby will generally be able to attend any court hearings or summons in your place for traffic citations. This will help you avoid losing vital paying work hours or save you considerable time and money flying or driving in from out of state.

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Traffic Violation Attorney Rocky Mount North Carolina

Got A Ticket In Rocky Mount? Get It Handled By A North Carolina Attorney With Insider Knowledge

Christopher Lusby offers Rocky Mount traffic ticket relief or defense services that benefit from his many years of law enforcement service experience.

If you are stuck with a traffic ticket for a violation on North Carolina roads in Rocky Mount, think before you pay. Ask an attorney like Christopher Lusby what the consequences might be for admitting your guilt and what your options might be for reducing or eliminating the violation completely.

Time is ticking on that ticket, so hire a traffic violation attorney who understands exactly how to fight it: call (252) 371-0127 or book a free consultation online now to get Christopher Lusby and his years of experience as both an attorney and detective on your side.

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