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Life is difficult in and of itself. Suffering an injury at all, let alone one that is debilitating, only makes things even more challenging. What’s worse is when you suffer unjustly at the hands of another’s neglect. Learning to adapt to a new lifestyle is disheartening when you consider how less able you are compared to prior to the incident.

This is, unfortunately, only the tip of the iceberg. In our broken system, there is a strong chance you will have to fight tooth and nail just to get a fraction of what you need to recover. Dishonest and greedy insurance companies care about their bottom line more than your well-being or actually doing what they claim to exist for. As a result, this will likely force you to have to face the legal system. The stress you’ll experience can contribute to deferring, if not outright suspending, your recovery. All this for doing nothing wrong, to begin with!

Trying to navigate this sort of situation on your own opens you up to several risks. You’d never imagine conducting surgery on yourself because you don’t have the knowledge or experience to. You should view the legal system in a similar way. The law, in some ways, is equally involved and similarly complex, with almost as much on the line. Partnering with a personal injury compensation lawyer is the way to go, drastically increasing your chances of securing the most compensation possible, as well as spurring your recovery.

Christopher Lusby and Lusby Law P.A. are here to serve you in times like these. Based in Wilson and Tarboro, NC, we service eastern North Carolina, including Rocky Mount, NC and the surrounding area. Christopher’s deep desire to make a difference has served as a compass throughout his life and shapes Lusby Law P.A.'s culture of being the best personal injury settlement attorneys possible and delivering the results you need.

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What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury Lawyer, Rocky Mount, NC

Personal injury law is the part of the law that governs instances where someone is injured by the neglect of another's negligence or wrongdoing. This typically means that things such as medical costs associated with recovering your injury from an accident, wages you lose out on because you can't work, pain and suffering, and other related expenses are actionable in a court of law – you can be made whole and have the other party foot the bill. Where the issue often lies is knowing how to play the game that has unfortunately sprouted up that makes what seems clear-cut murkier than it ought to be.

How Can Lusby Law P.A. Help Me?

We can help you across several different types of personal injury cases, including:

Automobile Accidents

These include cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and accidents involving pedestrians. DUI is technically its own category within the law, but if a drunk driver injures you, there may be some points of overlap that would apply to your case.

With so many people using the road for various reasons, accidents are bound to happen. What matters most if you are the victim of one is how to respond. Lusby Law P.A. should be where you turn to first. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle these cases so that you are compensated with what you truly deserve.

Slip And Falls

Property owners are required to maintain a basic standard of safety for their properties when patrons and guests visit them. With that, the property owner may be responsible for you slipping and falling on their property, whether due to ice, an improperly installed rail, or insufficient lighting. If you partner with us, we thoroughly investigate the incident and gather all relevant evidence to build a solid case that the insurance company won’t be able to reason away.

And More

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Get Started Today!

Personal Injury Lawyer, Rocky Mount, NC

Lusby Law P.A.

Personal injuries affect you first and foremost, but they also affect those you love and are closest to you. We understand this, so we strive all the more to deliver the best service that ensures you receive the most compensation attainable under the law. We combine our drive to make a difference with highly personalized service to make this happen.

If you or a loved one in Rocky Mount, NC, has suffered an injury or damage at the hands of another and their neglect, call our Tarboro office at (252) 250-3550 or Wilson office at (252) 371-0127 today. During your consultation, we will listen to your story and begin creating a legal strategy suited to your case’s specific needs. Don’t accept pennies on the dollar from the insurance company – have us fight them for everything you deserve.

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