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Is your family going through a difficult conflict in Rocky Mount, North Carolina? Is your divorce turning into a nightmare? Reach out to Lusby Law for a family law attorney who cares and can help make a difference.

No family wants to pull apart, but sometimes the spark is lost, or conflict becomes unbearable. When that happens, divorce may be the ideal solution, yet sometimes it can add even more stress and complications. Now you have to deal with spousal support, child support, custody or visitation conflicts and more.

Few things matter as much to Christopher Lusby as family, and that is why he has placed family law at the heart of his firm, Lusby Law. Motivated by care and compassion, yet powered by experience, skill and plenty of hard work, Lusby Law offers Rocky Mount families and parents the means to get through that stress and find or focus on joy again.

Whether you need someone in your court during divorce to help ensure a fair division of property, or you are trying to build the best possible life for your child and need help securing child support, child custody or visitation rights, Lusby Law will be there to fight for you and your family’s future.

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A Family Law Firm Grounded In Compassion And Competence

Family Law Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

It is difficult to underestimate the impact family law conflicts can have on a family, positively or negatively. When handled badly, abruptly, or carelessly, it could send you and your loved ones further down a spiral of unhappiness.

But when approached with compassion, skill, and dedication, family law services offer the path to a better future for everyone. Do not let an arbitrary court determine your or your child’s future; make sure you have a family law firm on your side that, in the words of one past client, “actually listens and cares for your issues and situation.”

What Family Law Services Does Lusby Law Offer In Rocky Mount?

As a flexible and well-rounded law firm, Lusby Law offers a wide range of North Carolina family law services any Rocky Mount family can benefit from. Most importantly, though, they are not afraid to tackle tough questions and situations.

How Is Property Divided Up During Divorce In North Carolina?

Divorce can be a deeply devastating time, even when it is amicable. Separation comes with innumerable small details and large, difficult dilemmas, which an experienced attorney can help guide you through. This included guidance on questions such as:

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How To Understand And Navigate North Carolina’s Spousal Support Rules

Family Law Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

Rocky Mount residents who have divorced may already be familiar with North Carolina’s unique and sometimes challenging spousal support rules. As your family law attorney, Christopher Lusby can help you understand how the courts will calculate spousal support or alimony, how long you might be expected to pay/receive it, and how it can be modified.

Your Rocky Mount, North Carolina Resource For Child Custody, Child Support And Visitation Right Conflicts

Divorce and separation become exponentially more difficult and stressful when there are children involved. But it also becomes twice as important to get everything right. And that starts by ensuring your child’s future is secure, stable, and deeply connected to yours.

Lusby Law will help you figure out how child support is calculated and can be changed because we know circumstances can change for everyone involved.  If we can, we will work out a custody and visitation arrangement that works for everyone and maintains amicable relations, though if we cannot, you can expect only the most thorough and determined courtroom representation from our family law lawyer.

Get An Attorney Who Cares On Your Side Before The Situation Gets Any Worse

Lusby Law P.A. is a Rocky Mount family law firm that will always strive to put you and your family first.

Have you only just started to consider getting a divorce? Are you encountering difficulties during or after separation? Whatever your family law concerns, a simple initial consultation will set you on the path toward a positive resolution.

Family problems do not generally get easier over time, but the earlier you tackle them with a lawyer who understands and cares about how you and your loved ones will be affected, the better your chances are of reaching an ideal solution.

Call Lusby Law now Wilson (252) 371-0127 | Tarboro (252) 250-3550 to schedule your free initial consultation to get competent help from a family law firm that cares.

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