Former Detective Turns Criminal Defense Lawyer To Tackle Injustice

Have you been wrongfully arrested in Rocky Mount for a crime you did not commit? Charged with a North Carolina misdemeanor or felony without evidence or due process?  Let Lusby Law P.A. take up your defense like no one else can or will.

Few things are as frightening or life-destroying as being charged with a crime. The criminal justice system can be terrifyingly impersonal and downright unfair. If you have been arrested or charged with even just a misdemeanor, it can throw your whole future off-track. And that is nothing compared to what happens when the police arrest you for a felony.

It is no secret that justice and police are two terms that do not always go hand in hand. So when one young North Carolina police detective with dreams of making the world a better place was confronted with the problems inherent in the justice system and law enforcement in areas like Rocky Mount, he decided to make a drastic change. Now he has become part of the solution to the problems he saw and fights for the rights and freedom of his clients as a unique and highly effective criminal defense lawyer.

That lawyer is Christopher Lusby, and his firm, Lusby Law P.A. could just be your get-out-of-jail card. With his law enforcement background and training, combined with his endless compassion and drive for justice, Christopher Lusby is a whole new kind of criminal defense attorney.

How Is Lusby Law Uniquely Positioned To Fight Injustice In Rocky Mount?

From the minutiae of minor traffic charges to the most serious of felonies, justice starts with ensuring a strong defense. This keeps the justice system and law enforcement from overreaching or falsely convicting and punishing the innocent.

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Criminal Defense Services For Rocky Mount Drivers

Criminal Defense Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

With illegal stops, racial profiling, and unlawful seizures, North Carolina’s roads have always been a place where law and justice collide. Even simple speeding tickets have become a point of contention, as out-of-state drivers find themselves facing court dates and growing fines.

Nevertheless, no case is insignificant for Lusby Law, and the firm is proud to offer defense services for drivers for both felony and misdemeanor charges, including DWI/DUIs. His knowledge of police procedures and experience handling such cases make Lusby a keen defender, often able to negotiate reduced charges, probation, or even get cases thrown out completely.

A Results-Driven Criminal Defense Law Firm

Justice for people in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, is not an abstract concept. It manifests as very real results in negotiations or courtrooms. That is why Lusby Law P.A.’s core tenet is achieving positive results for clients.

Achieving those results is a matter of hard work and keen insight. Doing thorough investigative work, analyzing each case and situation in its full context, and understanding how prosecutors and law enforcement think and behave.

It also means making those results accessible, either at prices everyday residents of Rocky Mount can afford or as public defense for those who cannot. Christopher Lusby does both and consistently delivers meaningful results that bring a little more justice into the legal system each day.

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What Kind Of Cases Does Lusby Law P.A. Handle?

Criminal Defense Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

Criminal defense is a vast field, but injustice can be found all over it, and Lusby Law P.A. does not turn down cases based on the charge, no matter how emotionally challenging or seemingly insignificant. That is, after all, one of the key tenets of the constitutionally conscious approach that gives the firm its strength across all kinds of cases:

Felony And Misdemeanor Drug Charges: As they remain some of the most common criminal charges in Rocky Mount and surrounding areas of North Carolina, Christopher Lusby has extensive experience defending those accused of possession, distribution, or production of all kinds of illicit substances.

Burglary, Theft, And Assault: While less common individually, these charges make up a significant share of the more serious misdemeanors and felonies the firm handles. They require careful study, and the knowledge of law enforcement’s perspective and procedures often comes in invaluable when defending such cases.

Sex Crimes And Violent Crimes: Few convictions can so thoroughly destroy a life and future as sex crimes or violent crimes. With harsh penalties and even harsher social ramifications, it is all the more important to make sure each accused gets an impeccable defense.

Get The Defense You Deserve

Lusby Law P.A. provides results-oriented and constitutionally driven defense in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Have you been arrested or charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Rocky Mount, North Carolina? Are you or one of your loved ones facing an unjust legal system with no one to have their back?

The sooner you hire a competent, compassionate and experienced criminal defense attorney, the better your chances of obtaining justice and a better outcome for your case.

To get a unique and powerful defense attorney on your side today, call Lusby Law P.A. right now at Wilson (252) 371-0127 | Tarboro (252) 250-3550.

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