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Running a business is demanding. Doing so in a way that fully complies with both federal and state law takes things to an entirely different level. Failure to comply with all laws relevant to your business and industry can spell disaster for your business, not only eating into profits in fees and penalties you’d have to pay but your precious time as well. Don’t risk taking any missteps and putting your business in jeopardy.

Christopher Lusby and Lusby Law P.A. are here to help you and your business not only comply with all of the laws and regulations it is subject to but thrive. Whether you are a startup or a long-standing corporation, we know what it takes to ensure you are positioned for success and fully compliant. With offices in Wilson, NC and Tarboro, NC, we service much of eastern North Carolina, including Rocky Mount, NC.

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Business Law: The Basics

Business Law Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

Business law, also commonly referred to as commercial or corporate law, is the section of law that regulates how businesses are formed, run, and dissolved. In addition to this, it regulates commercial transitions. The laws that makeup business law apply not only to businesses as entities themselves, such as corporations, but also to individuals acting within and on behalf of businesses.

Business law helps to serve as guardrails that businesses operate in. They protect their rights and ensure things such as disputes and regular, ongoing operations are conducted in an orderly manner. Business lawyers are instrumental in making this a reality by guiding businesses through the maze that business law can be if navigating it on your own. Some examples of facets of business law include the following:

Contract Law

This encompasses the creation, interpretation, and enforcement of contracts. Contracts are legally binding agreements two or more parties willingly enter into.

Corporate Law

This aspect of business law governs how corporations are formed and managed thereafter. Common matters therein include corporate governance, shareholder rights, and mergers and acquisitions. Limited Liability Companies and partnerships also generally fall under corporate law.

Intellectual Property Law

With the research triangle nearby, this facet of business law is very much a concern for many in North Carolina. Trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets are all instruments used to protect the rights of individuals and businesses over their own intellectual property, precisely the aim of this facet of business law.

Employment Law

Employment law covers employment contracts, instances of discrimination in the workplace, regulations pertaining to labor, and other related matters for employers and employees. This is a vital section of the law wherever there are people working.

Commercial Transactions

Business law also regulates the sale of goods and services, as well as warranties and matters of consumer protection. These commercial transactions serve as the foundation of our economy.

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How Can A Business Law Firm Help Me?

Business Law Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC

The team at Lusby Law P.A. will provide you with the comprehensive support and guidance that will position you for success and effectively manage your business. No matter the specific situation you find yourself in, we handle it all, from entity formation and contract management to IP protection and more. We know local, state, and federal law and keep your business fully compliant with them all.

If you are starting a business, we sit down with you and help you think through what structure best meets the needs of your envisioned business. This is vital for your long-term success, as each business structure has unique advantages and characteristics. We don’t stop there, though. We continue on and ensure all aspects of the formation of your entity are handled error-free and complete the registration on your behalf.

If already in business, we step in to prepare drafts of contracts and other documents for any of your business needs. Seemingly trivial errors can have long and far-reaching consequences on your operations. Whether employee contracts, vendor agreements, or partnership agreements, we have you covered. We also can review contracts for you so you know exactly what you are getting into before you do, mitigating a lot of risk off the bat you’d otherwise face.

We can also represent you if you face a business law lawsuit. A high-stakes litigation case can cripple your business if you do not have solid legal counsel and representation working for you. With Lusby Law P.A., this won’t cross your mind since you’ll be working with us, your resilient business law attorneys.

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