Speeding Tickets Attorneys in Wilson, North Carolina

Yes, It IS Important to Protect Your Driving Record

Most drivers will get a speeding ticket or other moving violation over the course of their driving lives. And most will pay the fine without thinking twice about the real cost of having a blot on their driving record.

In reality, a speeding ticket can cost you so much more than the posted fine amount the DMV tells you to send in. If your auto insurer learns of the violation, you may face higher premiums. If you hope to change auto insurers, you may not have as many companies willing to take you on at their lowest rate. And that’s just after one ticket.

The Real Costs Come with Multiple Tickets

If this is not your first North Carolina moving violation in the previous 12 months, you face substantially higher costs. Depending upon the speed and the severity of the offense, you face the possibility of remedial safe driver training, the possibility of a suspended license, additional registration fees, and almost certainly increased insurance costs.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute. Learn More Now.

Whether this is your first North Carolina speeding violation or you have been down this road before, it makes sense to learn more about fighting your speeding ticket in North Carolina. Lusby Law P.A. is ready to handle all the legal details to fight to keep your driving record clear. Speeding tickets have deadlines. The sooner you talk to one of our attorneys about getting legal help to fight your ticket, the better chance we have of keeping your record clear.

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