A New Kind Of Law Firm

At Lusby Law P.A., we are passionate about helping our clients. Our founder, Chris Lusby, a former police detective, chose the law after observing the lasting impact that lawyers made in court. Today, he is a respected criminal defense counsel. He also protects clients in divorce and family issues, personal injury, breach of contract and business law matters.

Protecting Our Clients

When you seek our counsel, you can count on our tough litigation style. Our background also gives us unique insight when we review police procedures and the chain of evidence for potential improprieties. We passionately believe in due process of law, and we fight tirelessly to protect our clients' legal rights.

Strategic Business Counsel

We have real world experience in business ownership. This makes us a natural choice for business and contract disputes. We guide business owners through entity selection and formation issues. We proactively review contracts, helping business owners minimize legal disruptions to their operations. If a business dispute does require litigation, we are well-equipped to prepare for a strong showing in court.

Finding Family Law Solutions

In divorce and family law matters, emotions often run high. We offer cool-headed advice in tense family situations. By offering straightforward counsel, we guide our family law clients away from further escalation and into productive negotiations. Our approach is particularly desirable when children are involved. Issues that the parties resolve outside of court can save time and money, while sparing children from further conflict and stress.